St Stephens day turkey soup 

so this is the closest we get to Turkey .. (The bird that is not the country!!!😊).. And I was donated a raw chicken carcass from a good pal that was boning out birds for one of those three bird roasts.. Turkey, Duck and chicken..

And St. Stephen’s Day? That’s the real name for ‘Boxing Day’.  

This soup can easily be made outta of any carcass you may have left over.. 

The Turkey carcass was roasted  off first.. As it makes the soup easier to make and tastes richer.. 


They get roasted for about forty minutes.. Then cooled.. 

Into the pot with reverse osmosis water..  And a mix of chopped carrots, swede, onion and potato.. Fresh thyme and jolly green giant sweet corn .. 

Boiled hard for ages.  Like ages.. 

 Then strained through the fine sieve.  

And served up with some buttered toasts.. 


This soup is tasty., just tastes so rich and healthy.. Really tasty.. 

So there we go.. The closest we get to Turkey this Christmas! 


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    was a while back..


  2. Beautiful and everyone knows the best part of the turkey dinner is the soup and leftovers the next day – you’re not missing a thing!! 🙂 Happy New Year and Happy Fiesta Friday!! I’m pinning this to the FF Board just in case no one has yet!

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  3. When you strain the soup do you discard all the veg? I can’t tell from the picture but I don’t think you would discard all that, right? Especially luv me some swede. I could eat turnip raw, boiled with salt and butter, mashed, boiled, 365 days a year. Ah, poor St. Stephen, the first Martyr. Good to remember him.

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  4. Wonderful soup thank you so much for bringing. It’s finally getting a bit colder out and this will hit the spot. Never heard of reverse osmosis water, does it really make a difference in the soup?

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  5. I have a reverse osmosis system in my kitchen and love it too. I drink a lot of water and use it in cooking as well. Time to get the filters changed! Tasty sounding soup – love soup all winter and even year round. Three varieties are in my freezer now. Another great post to share with FF #100 🙂

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  6. Had no idea Boxing Day was St Stephen’s Day and there were no turkeys in the UK! Broth looks awesome. I take carcasses home too when they will be thrown out! A treasure!

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  7. What in St Stephen’s name is ‘reverse osmosis water’? Does it come in tiny little pastel-tinted bottles from Harrod’s? Or is it just the water you used to rinse out the roasting tin? OMG, memories of past chemistry classes are flooding back, and not in a good way …

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