Hand of pork -Blythburgh stunner!🎉

hand of pork , an often overlooked cut .. Yet with a little care to start and then the ability to fuggedaboutit it turns magical .. Truly wonderful .. 

Of course the better the pig the better the final.. As this won’t be smothered in a BBQ sauce it’s about letting the pork do the talking.. And what better of course than @blythburghpork the bestest free range pork around in mind and many others books, trays and pans.. 


Now thing is ok.. You may not be able to score a bit of pig like this yet there will be something about that will be equally as stunning perhaps? 

I do though hear from a couple of blogger pals in the US-OF-that they don’t get the rind on their pork.. It seems to vanish? what’s the story there? You have to have the rind on! 

This one was part boned.. That’s a good thing as it just leaves one cartoon style bone in the muddle.. 

That hole you can see is just where the hook went through to hang it on the rail in the cold store.. Another sure sign dear Watson that is indeed from a good butchers.. 

I have gone for a little flavour in the way of this #paulnewmans pulled pork stuff .. Comes in a tube, doesn’t look good yet smells good! 


Flipped over so rind side up.. Salted as I like the salt flavour .  Into a spankingly hot oven for twenty minutes..  
Then turned down to 160 (rest of world degrees!).😏

And now the fuggedaboutit ..for about three hours or so.. Less if you like not much more though.. 

Then s final whack up of heat while you boil some nice little potatoes and anoint them with French butter and Greek olive oil. 


Some boiled asaparagus also.. And a gravy made from pan drippings.. 

Now.. Ready for that porkygreatness? 

You sure?

Really really?


(Drumroll ….,  )

 Check that out! 

Super crispy crunchiness.. Super tender melty meat.. That crackling awesome -ness.. Truly viceroy.. Truly.. 


And a whack load of leftover to crunch and munch away on.. Am actually doing just that while tapping this out on my phone..  Ahem..  Cool.. 

Let’s go again with that pork shot! 


A gnarly grizzly looking number.. That is just sublime!  

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7 replies

  1. this looks amazing – not sure my butcher here will know what hand of pork is but Ill check for a translation and give it a shot!

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  2. I wish I could take some of that mouthwatering meat! It is perfect dish for crowd, like Fiesta Friday party; I’m very glad you shared exactly this dish! Very tasty!

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  3. Here’s the meat that I was expecting you to bring to the fiesta! This looks absolutely fantastic. I love the crunch that you were able to get on the outside. And, the seasoning is simply mouthwatering. Thank you for bringing this dish to the fiesta, and I hope you’re enjoying a fantastic weekend! 😀

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