Pizza and kebab yeah ! 😁


Pizza and kebab? 

Yup.. It started with this box that I got sent from Lurpak.. They picked up some of my posts and seem to have liked them.. So I got sent this box of stuff from the supper box company.. Bits in there. Smoked chicken, goats cheese, peppers, chick peas, rocket, olives, a couple of tomatoes, a courgette, some Rosemary.. And various breads.. 


And of course a tub of Lurpak! 

Well thanks for all that yet o had to throw some of it out as it just didn’t last.. Sorry in advance.. 

Yet I suppose I need to use some of the bits right? ( the canned products can go in the pantry for another day).. 

After a great walk in the hay harvest..

Home and time for supper..So with a pizza base in the freezer it was pizza for Mrs Fitz.. With red onions, red peppers, and goats cheese.. Re chilli and With a good dusting of herbs.. And a couple of slices of pork on the side..

 For the kebab ? 

Guess who that is for huh.. 😇

Pork belly sliced. 


And fried.. 

 Don’t worry it was drained off !

A quick salad made up..


And some of the Pitta toasted and buttered with of course…


A smash of sweet potato smudged onto one side.. The salad and meat in.. (Oh I forgot! The onion in my salad was from these great white onions that were smuggled back from France for me along with some great garlic.. Thanks Ronnie !! 👏👌👏😘)


And some smuggled valantina hot sauce from the state of Mexico..  You gotta love that stuff it’s magic in a bottle ..



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  1. You are a lucky man! Very creative use of your foodie treasures, smuggled and not!:-)

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