New Year’s Day mutton chops 1002 posts!

Well there we go it’s another year over, and a new ones just begun! ( there may be a song in that ..)..

So happy new year to all.. Let’s all agree that 2015 will be much nicer than 2014.. There it’s done.. Amen

Yet what to eat?

There are lots of traditional things I think you are supposed to eat.. Round things.. That appears a lot.. My pal at the novice gardener had a good list.. She mentioned coin shaped things.. Pretty lucky then that we had round things too!

Lamb has always been a New Year’s Day tradition as far as I can tell..

yet I fancied mutton.. I do like mutton.. Especially these chops.. Back chops with the. ‘Tail’ cut off..

Yet first the accompianiants .. Or accomplices !

Le petit paniere makes awesome food.. And these two dishes are borrowed and twisted from there..

First the Algerian salad..

Aubergine.. Chopped and sliced.. Lots of oil into the pan..


Once Goldeny then put into a colander .. Onions done the same in more olive oil..


I am loving this olive oil.. It’s delicious!

Then long Turkish peppers.. Two types.. Blackened in the pan..


Covered in cling wrap to sweat it out..


Then the long task of removing as much skin as you can manage.. then de seeding also..


It’s time consuming yet the end product is delicious!


We are out if balsamic so had to use up a newmans balsamic salad dressing it worked though..

And these carrots.. (Coin shaped..)..

Boiled carrots for twenty minutes in salted water..

Then more of that delicious olive oil.. This time with harrisa, cumin powder and black pepper .. Heated up..


Carrots in with coriander..


These like revenge are best served cold.. Hehehe..

There was enough if that lovely mix to add chopped pre roasted Brussels..


They had been plucked from their stalk..


Tossed in olive oil, red chilli flake and salt and pepper.. Simply roasted..



And they are round too!

A chopped salad with the addition of Arabic salad seasoning..


A Chimchurri also..


That’s the good thing about New Year’s Day apart from James Bond on the telly there’s not much else to do!

Bread of course..


That was mixed with more olive oil into a dough..


Cut up and cooked on the flat iron pan.. Like rotis I suppose..

And at last we can get to the mutton chops!

First washed and meat tenderiser added..that stuff is designed for mountains.. High altitude cooking..


Then pimped mrs Middletons roscoff garlic oil added.


Before adding a packet of the Shan families tikka powder.. Great stuff that and all natural..

Ummm I think I bought too many chops.. I get excited like that… It means we will be eating them again.. Maybe twice again.. Maybe more..

Not a problem..

Grilled as now the sun has set and there is not enough light for BBQ ..


They don’t take long..

All the dishes served up on the little kitchen table..


Oh !! And with some plain organic yoghurt pimped up with Lebanese seven spice and mrs Middletons Lebanese herb oil and Himalayan pink salt..


It was delicious!! The Algerian salad being a favourite for me..


It would make a delicious vegetarian/vegan dish though..


And tea and cakes to finish off..

And this is my 1002 post!!



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47 replies

  1. I am so impressed that you went to so much trouble for just the two of you! Yummy, and your wife should feel truely loved and cherished. Happy New Year!

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  2. Wooow 1002nd post!!! Congrats! And What a party! Amazing. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gawds this loosk good and i am a sucker for brussel sprouts i think we should eat them all year round x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A ccoking marathon for a feast! I hung on every word of the very entertaining narrative. Love all those exotic spices. I always sweat pepers in paper bags but like the film idea. I will look for Turkish peppers. I travelled to Turkey 2 yrs ago and the food was just sublime. My favorite. 1002 posts! Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you for hosting FF mr Fitz. Now pass that salad will you?

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  5. Great looking meal! Congrats on 1002 posts – I thought I had a lot at 756 posts during the past 3 years 🙂


  6. Wow! that was quite a party. I also liked seeing the spices from so many different countries.
    Love mutton chops! yummy!
    Congratulations on 1002nd post!

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  7. This looks absolutely amazing! I can’t believe how many posts you’ve written so far, and I’m excited to be co-hosting FF with you this week. HAPPY 2015!


  8. Happy New Year, Mr.Fitz and thank you for sharing my recipes at FF. I always like how you cook your meat. Thank you for co-hosting this week FF 🙂


  9. Crazy, crazy boy!!!! Happy New Year!


  10. Wow, Mr. Fitz!! You do know how to bring in the New Year!! What a party! Hey congrats on 1002 posts!! Totally amazing! All the best for 2015 to you and yours! 😀


  11. I agree, 2015 will be better and wow, what a feast! Wish I was a your house for New Years:)


  12. Wow, now that’s my kind of feast! It all looks delicious, what a yummy way to start off the year! Happy New Year Mr Fitz x


  13. 1002 posts? Congratulations! Your mutton chops looked amazing. It did look like you were cooking for quite a few people. Thank you for co-hosting Fiesta Friday!


  14. Damn! that looks mighty good Mr. Fitz. Love the addition of all your spices from around the world. I also love Waitrose’s fresh coriander all chopped up ready to use, couldn’t help but notice that. Mutton chops… drooling all over my keyboard, haven’t heard that word mentioned around here in like 100 years LOL! Thanks for co-hosting by the way!


  15. Wow, what a fantastic feast! I love all those flavors, I am a big fan of Middle Eastern/Eastern Med foods. Sounds a great way to celebrate the new year. Thanks for sharing and co-hosting Fiesta Friday!


  16. What a cool meal, Mr Fitz! I love the spices you brought along, perhaps time for me to get a bit more adventurous … Thanks for co-hosting and all that, and Happy FF!


  17. Happy FF, I can’t believe how much I’ve missed since I’ve been away! Great to see you’re still joining the party with your amazing meals! 🙂


  18. Wow! This looks like a right royal feast!! Those Brussel Sprouts just looked amazing! Now if only I could find a way to be invited to the next party??
    Thank you for hosting FF!! Have a FANTASTIC 2015! 🙂


  19. WOW I can’t imagine how good this must have been, you know how to ring in the new year! 😉 Thanks for hosting FF this week Mr. Fitz! 🙂


  20. Wow! Surprising! I have brought a Lebanese inspired dish to the FF too. And congrats for the 1002nd post. Wow!!!



  1. Fiesta Friday #49 | The Novice Gardener

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