Salmon,spinach,watercress puff

A dish for Mrs Fitz..

Salmon really ain’t for me.. No fishes are.. Apart from the odd occasion when they have been battered or crumbed.. And who can resist a fish finger butty? I mean c’mon people!

Yet here it is.. This salmon number

I began by making a white sauce..using sauce flour.. I didn’t even know that they made sauce flour! Adding some Japanese seasoning to it and some Bristol blend pepper ..(of course milk as well!)

Skinned and chopped the salmon.. Adding to the sauce.. A red ticket bag of spinach and watercress salad chopped up and added to the sauce also.. Now I reckon if I ate salmon I would lap this up !! For sure!

Once cooled plopped onta puff bought of course…

It’s so warm that the pastry is just falling about the place, terrible..

After hashing it together.. Into the oven.. The best thing about puff is that it really does ‘give’ , it helps you out

It rose majestically thank the gods!

And to serve with?

Jacks potatoes .. Simply boiled and buttered .. Simply stunning..

And for me?

The last of the mutton curry.. great breads.. Simple recipe..

Two cups of plain flour
Cup of water
Pinch of fast yeast

Whooz whiz whooz in the processor .. Wrapped in a black bag and left to rise.. and rise it did !!

rolled out and cooked on the iron pan

Gotta say.. These rock! and I have enough dough left over for a chorizo breakfast wrap I reckon..


Also going to pop this over to my pals at Fiesta Friday 28.. 28? wow!










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36 replies

  1. That salmon looks delicious – definitely would love to try one of those 🙂


  2. looks delicious. salmon puffs…next on my list! 🙂


  3. Always a pleasure to read your posts Mr Fitz! Love the little salmon number… but stunned that you didn’t prepare one for yourself too! What a beautiful dish.


  4. Hehe, I like salmon, but I also like mutton curry and your quick bread. And, it looks like your house is warn enough for the bread to actually ride, very jealous. I made bread last weekend, and it took the. Whole. Day. And still was a tad dense. No matter, I’ll just come to Fiesta Friday and feast on yours! 🙂


  5. I’m with you, Mr. Fitz. I’m not a fan of salmon at all. Everyone tells me that I must have had a bad piece when I tried it, because it’s such a great fish. Yeah. No.
    This does look delicious though… I would love to try it with some sort of white fish though. A wonderful feast for Mrs Fitz! ❤


  6. Hello Sir Fitz, those breads again!!! I don’t much like fish either, unless deep fried or . . . you say crumbed I say schnitzeled. I must admit I’ve never poofed or puffed a fish though, looks great!


  7. Hey Mr. Fitz! You don’t like salmon? Have you had wild salmon? It is amazing just BBQed on a cedar plank with a bit of butter and some dill! Your recipe looks awesome too! I would eat this in a heart beat! 😀


  8. I love how simple you make everything sound! And, your use of of the food processor. Looks delicious as always. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  9. Yum I might be able to do that! Wow wraps for breakfast ? Your hardcore


  10. so.very.delicious – but I am a complete salmon fan [had it baked for tea last night, having it raw as sushi for tea tonight. And had it smoked with scrambled eggs for breaky a couple of days ago]. Visiting from Friday Fiesta.


  11. Looks so fluffy and soft….yum yum….



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