Venison and duck egg ‘scotch’ eggs fiesta Friday

Whilst feeling in the ‘richer’ end of eating. I decided to use up the duck eggs by making venison scotch eggs..


Yeah had some left over Mr Fitz venison sausage mix in the freezer ..

Perfect for this wonderful snack..

Any meat works well really . The scotch egg is one if those fantastic inventions. This one for sure would go down very well on a hunting trip in the hills and hollows.. As well as just for regular snacking!

To be fair though they are pretty rich in not only taste yet cashola .. So mind your wallet as well as waistline !

Making them is easier than you think.. Didn’t quite get the duck eggs right as was out of ice to stop them cooking ..

Had to just run the cold water tap over them, not ideal really, ho-hum..

So once eggs are boiled and cooled peel them.. Tough shells on good duck eggs!

Take the Mr Fitz welsh dragon venison sausage meat.. Flatten it out.. Place peeled egg atop..

Fold meat over the egg .. Ooh I also roll the egg in cornstarch . Seems to help it stick better..

This trick is easier done with either wet hands or in clingwrap..

Form into a ball.. A big canon ball in this case..

Roll around on golden breadcrumbs .. You gotta do the breadcrumbs for the crunch..


Sure you could pop them into the oven .. And bake em.. Yet I like to get them started in a pan of Mrs Middletons rapeseed oil.. It gives them a neat headstart..

Then into the oven till you think they are done!

The venison meat makes for a lovely soft texture against the crunch if the crumb and the rich almost chewiness of the egg..

Season with chilli and garlic salt ..

Devour.. Yeah.. Devour..

(Share if you can!)

They are pretty heavy so I reckon you will be surprised at just how filling these are..





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  1. Reblogged this on YllaCaspia and commented:
    I’ve always wanted to try venison scotch eggs and these look fantastic!


  2. I believe the phrase ‘get in my face’ is apposite. Game is hard to come by in Bangkok but back in the uk over Christmas so will hopefully source some and have a go. Cheers!


  3. These look very delicious–thanks for demystifying them!


  4. I’ve never even heard of scotch eggs before, but these look incredible! I think I could only have one, duck eggs and venison are so rich and delicious. But what an awesome food!


  5. Mmmm…scotch eggs…I’ve been seeing these everywhere, but have not tried them yet. Yours look delicious, and with such a nice crunchy texture on the outside to contrast with the softness of the egg. YUM!


  6. Wow! How creative! This sounds so good!


  7. I love scotch eggs, yet never attempted to make them. Have to agree with Angenette, I thought they were a tad intimidating. But there you go..making it look as simple as can be! Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe at Fiesta Friday 🙂


  8. “a big cannon ball”! L O L

    Gamier meat is definitely something that I need to get into. But where can a city-slicker find venison?

    NYCers, please advise.


  9. I’ve always wanted to try scotch eggs, but they intimidate me. Good for you!



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