Jacks Liver and onions

Not good for me the offal.. Just can’t do it.. Yet am sure this was delicious!

From ol’ pal Jack Taylor
> Another offal post. I saw a pack of liver on the ‘to clear’ shelf in Tesco today with a use by date of today. So my decision on what to do for dinner was taken. >
> It was a very quick meal. I just peeled and sliced a large onion, fried them in oil for about 20mins until cooked and browned lightly. >
> When ready they were put in a metal dish in the oven with the plates to keep warm. >
> The liver was cut into manageable slices, dressed in seasoned flour and fried gently on a medium setting. The liver was turned when blood started to appear on the top of the liver. They were cooked for a further few minutes watching very carefully. >
> Make sure that you don’t over cook. You can always re cook but you can’t undo an overcooked piece of liver!! >
> It was such a long time since we had this dish and it was a delicious meal for under a £1. >
> http://www.jacksrecipes22.wordpress.com

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