It has to be the beef..

Sunday lunch means beef here in this house ..


Well for starters , it’s Mrs Fitz favourite ..

And fit second I am very lucky to currently be in possession of a heap of wonderful Hereford rib joints.. I scored a desk with one of my butchers and managed to procure a two thirds discount.. Yeah that’s two thirds!!

So again we have beefs.. Roasted well on the rack of the oven so the juices drop on the par boiled spudulas.,

Served with pan gravy.. Mixed with bisto .. It does smack of a memory way back, well not mine as we never had Sunday supper as a child.. Yet an 80’s tv show family supper .. (More about that in a moment! )

Bisto is cool though .., and sniff sniff sniff .. Remember the advert? Follow the smell to a lovely house.. And tonite that’s ours!!

So.. Roast rib of Hereford beef, dusted with umami rush seasoning powder.. roast tatties , Brussel sprout tops, great them as you get little Brussels tucked inside the leaves.. Peas and cauliflower .. All boiled with some butter..

A great Yorkshire pud .. Infused with herb de Provence .. And of course cooked in berg dripping.. Aberdeen Angus of course!!

And let’s move on..

I said the 80’s right ?

Remember the funny foot icecream? I sure do!! Used to be much bigger though .. Am VERY sure of that!!

Well I was very happy to have another..

And as I write this.. Mrs Fitz has left me have the other half of a frozen Reece’s nutria goofus (not that at all!! Yet found it funny that that’s what the spellchecker offered!! )

Happy sunday x

(Oh and my pal the novice gardener was hustling me as I never made fiesta Friday this week.. Well soz and I am joining up right now!! )










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