Roast lamb shoulder, with Cyprus wedges

‎Happy new years day.. and in the best tradition here is our roast lamb.. why roast lamb is traditional I do not know? Is it the slaughter of a ‘baby’ animal?? Is it just because you are fed up of poultry and beef? Dunno… x

This lamb.. a shoulder.. just under a kilo.. studded with roscoff garlic slices.. wild rosemary from the garden.. and a smear of anchovie paste.. ‎it’s a fatty cut this.. so great to save for a future gyros mix!!

In the meantime.. have par boiled some Cyprus spuds.. they are tremendous.. me and MrsFitz got married in Cyprus.. it’s a wonderful island.. wonderful indeed x

Quartered and popped under the rack the lamb is sitting on.. letting the juices drip.. beautiful!!

Served with peas and mint sauce.. the cheapest store bought one the better!! For some reason.. the cheapest store bought one seems to be the best!! I suppose it’s without the addition of all the ‘extras’ the stores put in? Who knows?? X

Any hoo.. great supper.. festive.. traditional and lovely indeed.. x

Happy twenty four teen..

(and a nice pic of Father Fitz on the beach in Amsterdam x‎ with his good pal Liz.. happy new year yall x be healthy and hopefully a little more wealthy.. (unless you got too much already! X)

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