No pressure.. stew, an injun & some fish..

‎Inspired by my pal jacks easy cheatey spag boll the other day.. am gunning for a stew.. you know when you need fortifying? Well this is one of them moments..

Stewing beefs.. chopped, two chopped up casserole packs.. half pint of stock.. some bay leaves and rosemary..

Brought up to pressure.. 12 minutes.. yup TWELVE minutes!!

Stew.. done.. x

Fish for Mrs Fitz.. with spuds pulled outta the bath..

Injun food also.. a lamb dish.. again in the pressure.. browned off meat.. already rolled in spices.. 2 cups of water.. 12 minutes once up to pressure.. perfect!

A can of karson saag.. with more spuds outta the bath..

Man this is getting easy!

Oh! And to eternally answer that question of Indian pressure cooking.. you know when they mention ‎whistles? Well here is the answer..!

Hi Paul. As expected when I got home I went straight onto Google and came up with this link re whistling pressure cookers. It would appear that you allow 3mins per whistle, so 5 whistles would be 15 mins as I suggested in the pub. Enjoy.

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