Home sweet home..

I am very lucky an get to travel a heap.. Its also good no.. GREAT! To get home.. Mrs Fitz & Mr Wentworth are my bestest friends.. X (it does get lonely on the ‘road’ despite being exposed to some if not the best in the world..) X

Mrs Fitz made for my last nite arrival.. Baked spuds.. Sour cream.. Cork english market bacon and snipped chives, garlic shoots and leek shoots from the yard.. Like a hit of ‘ol duck eggs = tamazees’. Off to sleep through the nite afterwards! X

For a day spent at home.. (Plus picking up the truck which should currently belong to the magic circle or a himalalyan guru! Due to its magical way of fixing itself (currently), a bunch of e-mails and a very positive con-call) x

Needed a chill..

For lunch.. Shhshies… Lemon sole goujons.. Home made chippies.. And a tinof garden peas with a smudge of mint sauce added. ..

For supper?

A few beers and some Merguez.. Yup Merguez.. My fave! Not the best ones I admit.. And lacked the poetic inspiration.. Yet good all the same.. And some good cous cous.. With a twist of that amazing Bristol blend pepper.. And a wiggle woggle of the black corsican olive oil.. Taste??


A little Ben and Jerry for desert.. X cookie dough as it ‘needs eating’ x

A beef stew made from OX cheeks, carrots, and the real last of the beautiful Roscoffs ..

Nice x Home huh.. Feels like Winter though.. X

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